Sunday, July 14, 2019

My 7 Guiding Principles

Every year I acknowledge my birthday as being my own personal new year. This time of year often represents a fresh start, and another chance for me to actualize my wildest dreams. As each birthday approaches, I am reminded of the lessons I've learned thus far, as well as taking inventory of the spaces where growth and healing are still needed. Although I continue to change and develop on my life journey, there are certain principles that have stuck with me, and have helped guide me to victory in each situation. So today, as I celebrate my birthday, I'd like to share these principles with you in the hope that they may resonate with you at the right time. 

Photographer: Jenny Desrosiers
  1. Be brave enough to say "No". Your personal well-being must be paramount. Ultimately, you cannot pour from an empty cup.
  2. Think outside the boundaries you have placed on yourself, as well as the ones others have tried to place around you. 
  3. Be your own hero. Realize that no one is on their way to save your life and turn it into something that makes you happy. You have to do that for yourself. 
  4. Keep God involved in all that you do, through prayer, faith, and hard work. 
  5. Be willing to let go of people and situations that no longer serve you. This especially goes for people who don't value you in the way that you feel you deserve. 
  6. Plan, execute, repeat. 
  7. Make time for the people who matter to you most. 

All  Power & Love To The People,

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